Our House

50503 Crane Valley Road, Oakhurst, CA, 93644

Welcome to our new home! 

The house is on 2.5 acres with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room with fireplace and woodstove, and attached 2 car garage.  Outbuildings include a small barn, a cute little storage shed, and an RV shed.  There is a small back patio and some nice trees, with very pretty views over the pasture with the pine covered slopes of Goat Mountain in the distance. The house has been lovingly maintained, and we should  be able to move in quickly and easily.

We hope you can come visit us soon.  Escrow closes October 21st, and we will be moving in as soon as we can.  The house is only 2 miles from Williams Gallery West, making my commute to work a breeze.  We are already making plans for improvements, including installing a gate to keep the animals away from the road, and planting the property with low water California native flowers and plants.  The road is a bit busy, and we plan to plant a hedge that will help cut down on the traffic noise.


The barn has 2 stalls, a small office and tack room, and a mini-garage for hay storage or lawn equipment.  Our animals will be happy here, and Gloria's horses will have lots of room to roam.  We are hoping to plant a big garden next spring, with a pumpkin patch, corn, tomatoes, chilis, and one of my pet projects, homegrown peanuts. 

The yard is fenced and cross fenced with a 1.5 acre pasture, and 2 smaller fenced paddocks adjoining the barn.

The RV shed is open at both ends, but is well made and roomy.  We're not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it will come in handy somehow.