Jonathan Bock - Education  

California Institute  of the Arts

  Master of Fine Arts 1989

 Department of Film and Video

 Valencia, California

  • At Cal Arts I studied the use of film and video technology as creative media.  I became familiar with motion as an artistic element, and explored methods used to create moving imagery.

  • My studies concentrated on traditional and experimental animation, film and video production, and manipulating the video image. 

  • The majority of my work at Cal Arts was in Computer animation.  My thesis work consisted of two 3D animated computer pieces entitled "Fish" and "Organism".

  Indiana University  

Bachelor of Fine Arts 1984

 Bloomington, Indiana 

  • At Indiana my major field of study was printmaking. I concentrated my studies on etching, lithography, silkscreen printing, monoprint, and other related printing methods.  I spent my last two years focusing on acrylic screen printing. 

  • I have experience in black and white, color, and digital photography, and in photo printmaking techniques. I work in other media as well, including drawing, model building, and painting.

  • At  I.U. I received  a minor degree in Art History.