Jonathan Bock - Internet  Experience

 I have been fascinated by the Web for many years, and am excited about its impact on society, communication, and commerce.  I have a broad understanding of the Internet and its uses, and am comfortable in cyberspace.  I utilize the World Wide Web for many personal and professional projects.  

Marketing and Social Media

I am aware of the importance of marketing and social media, and have working relationships with many media providers, including Sierra News Online, Sierra Sun Times, Sierra Star Online, Valley PBS, Valley Public Radio, One Putt Broadcasting, Fresno Bee, and other regional media organizations.  I have extensive experience marketing and promoting projects, exhibits and events both on the web and through traditional media channels. I have a solid working knowledge of social media, and the Internet.  I am active on Facebook, and administrate pages for Stellar Gallery , Williams Gallery , and Sierra Art Trails .


Internet and Computer Skills

I am proficient with computers and mobile devices.  My experience extends back to the earliest days of personal computers.  I am familiar with a wide range of art, animation, desktop publishing, and office management software.  I stay current with the latest trends in hardware and software development. I have many years experience using on-line services and website development tools.

I currently administrate the following web sites:

Stellar Gallery

Williams Gallery West

Sierra Art Trails