Photo Diary

January - The Gallery

February - The shutdown

March - The First Visit

March - The Journey

April - Settling In

May - Looking Around

June - Summer Solstice

July - Life on the lake



An unexpected ending


Seattle Photo Diary 1999


The Gallery

On January 25th the Williams Gallery West opened it's first showroom in Oakhurst, CA.  

It's the only Gallery I know with a tree growing out of it!

I viewed the space, rented it, and got the key the same day! Day one was cleaning day.  Floor and walls were scrubbed, and we brought in the basics, 

( toilet paper and paper towels ).

Day two we moved in some simple furniture, and hung some art on the walls.  Although it wasn't much, we were official, and I found myself a bonified small business owner!


Day three we began to catalog inventory, starting with a grouping of vintage pin-ups, book plates, and advertising art I had been collecting over the last few years.

On day four we had our first customer, computer artist and technical genius James Harman.  James has been a great help ever since, especially installing and maintaining the gallery's computer systems.