Art Director 1993 to 1994


The Island of Doctor Brain





  Responsibilities and Accomplishments 

  • Management of a team of  artists in the creation of  interactive computer software products.      In this capacity I directed 2 products; Outpost, a computer simulation game involving mankind's colonization of distant planets.  (Winner of Consumer Electronics Show -- Best of  Show,  July, 1994), and the Island of Dr. Brain, (awarded the title of Best Puzzle Game of 1993), an educational product for ages 12 to adult.

  •  Creation of storyboards, drawings, paintings, animation, video sequences, 2D and 3D computer generated imagery, and integration of these elements into multimedia products.

  • In addition to art direction on these products, I actively  engaged  in the product design.  In both Outpost and The Island of Doctor Brain I collaborated with other game designers to create interface designs,  overall game structure, rules and puzzles, and other  design elements.