Work Experience - Interactive Media

Sierra On-Line

1990 to 1992

Computer Artist and Animator

1993 to 1994

Art Director

1994 to 1995

3D Art Director

1995 to 1999

Game Designer

Other Experience

Space Mission One 3D Artist and Co-Designer - 1996

Space mission One is a single player shareware strategy game in outer space. On Space Mission One I created and implemented all 3D art and animation including Title Screens, game art, and animated cut scenes. I worked closely with the senior programmer to design the game.

To see the game click HERE.



Computer graphics artist for television game show pilot, The Puzzle Game.

In this position I developed animated puzzle sequences using Dpaint animator on Amiga 2000 computers.


Computer Graphics Graduate teaching Assistant for professor Vibeke Sorenson.  

In this position I trained students in the use of P.C. based 2D and 3D art and animation tools in the CalArts Computer Animation Lab.



Outpost - Consumer Electronics Show - Best of Show - July, 1994

Island of Doctor Brain -- Best Puzzle Game of 1993

Space Quest 4 -- Best Adventure Game of 1992

Dragon Fire Intro Movie - Computer Animation Screening Room - CGDC 1999


References and demo reel available upon request.