Quest for Glory 5

 Dragon Fire 



  Game Designer and Art Director

1995 to 1999


Responsibilities and Accomplishments In this position my responsibilities include researching, proposing, and implementing innovative game designs. This work includes writing proposals, marketing research, creating game design documents, managing  focus groups, and licensing negotiations.


  • 1 / 95 to 10 / 96 - Designing, writing, and art directing Lighthouse,  a 3D animated adventure game, using Silicon Graphics and PC computer art and animation tools.  On Lighthouse I was responsible for managing all aspects of production from conception to completion.  I was responsible for directing artists, animators, musicians, writers, and programmers, and for working with marketing and upper management to create a state of the art interactive adventure. 

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11/96 to 9/97 - Game Designer - Responsible for post-release development, marketing, and upgrades to "Lighthouse." Also responsible for writing and presenting innovative game designs for in-house development, reviewing and evaluating out of house game proposals.  Organizing and managing game design focus groups and brainstorming sessions for projects in early stages of development.  


10 / 97 to 10 / 98 - Art Directing Quest for Glory - Dragon Fire, a fantasy role playing game created using state of the art 3D modeling and rendering techniques. Implementing innovative graphic technology combining rendered backgrounds with a  unique, real time 3D, proprietary gaming engine developed by Eric Lengyel. 



10/98 to 9/99 Art Director and Co-Designer for Middle Earth an On-Line Massively Multiplayer Fantasy Role Playing Game based on the classic fantasy works of J.R.R. Tolkien.