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An unexpected ending


Seattle Photo Diary 1999

On a small peninsula just west of Mercer island,  is a bit of nature preserved among the waterfront homes and gardens that line the shore of Lake Washington.


I had to get out of my apartment!  After spending Saturday morning recuperating from the flu, sipping bitter java, and surfing the web, I needed a walk.    I wanted to get outside without driving too far, but wasn't really sure where to go.  I mulled over the patches of green on the map of Seattle, and picked one out that was near the water, and not too far away.  I ended up at Seward Park.

The Park

The Gallery

"Lend a Hand!"

South Seattle's Parks and Recreation Centers are looking for volunteers!

If you are interested you can pick up an application form at Seward Park, or contact; Joy Vanderwerff

South Division Volunteer Programs

Seattle Parks and Recreation

1600 South Dakota Street

Seattle, WA 98108-1546